Key Achievements

Currently, though the institute is in its formative stage, it has managed to achieve the following:

  •  Drafted the memorandum of association and articles of association and subsequent registration of MwAPATA Institute as a private company limited by guarantee.

  •  Recruitment of staff including the Executive Director (ED), Research Director (RD), Research Fellows (RFs), Research Analysts/Assistant (RAs), Finance and Administration Manager (FAM), and Communications Specialist (CS). The Institute is in the process of recruiting additional Research Fellows and Finance & Administration Assistant/Receptionist, and a driver.

  •  Secured and occupied permanent offices in Area 10/446 along Chilanga Drive off Blantyre Street, Lilongwe

  •  Organized two Steering Committee/Advisory Board meetings.

  •  In collaboration with NPC, MwAPATA is preparing thought pieces to serve as background papers to the Vision 2020 successor

  •  In collaboration with other partners embarked on MwAPATA research program researching on soil health, sustainable intensification insect farming, natural resources management (alternative energy sources), land reforms, and land rental markets, etc.

  •  Partnered with National Statistical Office (NSO), Tegemeo Institute and IAPRI to conduct a rural households survey covering about 3500 households from eight (8) districts. This data will be used as a baseline against which the success (or lack of it) of Agricultural Transformation (ATI) investments in Malawi will be measured.