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Past Events

MwAPATA Engages with Media Houses


Members of the media houses poses with the MwAPATA Institute team

For the past two years of MwAPATA’s existence in Malawi, the Institute has produced dozens of publications and conducted numerous outreach events. The Institute has been featured or quoted by local electronic and print media many times, and MwAPATA considers the media an important and strategic partner for showcasing the implications of analytical findings.

The media also plays an important role in bringing important policy issues that require analyses, but for which empirical evidence is lackingAs such, on Friday, 12th November 2021, MwAPATA invited the heads and senior editors of several major media houses to a breakfast collaboration meeting. 

The objective of the meeting was to agree on working modalities by which MwAPATA can be a resource for the media, providing evidence-based reporting.  The key outcome from the meeting was strengthened relationship between MwAPATA and the media.

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