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"MwAPATA's research work worth supporting" says AGRA's Vice President
Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Photos of AGRA visit to MwAPATA

The AGRA Vice President Dr. Apollos Nwafor emphasizes the importance of supporting MwAPATA's research work.  He said this during an official visit to MwAPATA where the teams discussed the intention AGRA and MwAPATA working together on analysis and evidence building. 
During the discussion, the two institutions expounded more on their relationship revolving around AGRAs Hub for Agriculture Policy Action (HAPA).  HAPA responds to government requests that come through Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade. MwAPATA research will improve the responses to these requests.

In his remarks, MwAPATA Institute's Board Chairperson, Prof. Richard Mkandawire,

said the existence of MwAPATA Institute in Malawi  is anchored on a set of core values, beliefs and principles of professionalism, relevance, independence, mutual respect and excellence. He added MwAPATA's partnership with AGRA would revolve around these values.


Dr. Nwafor said they were impressed with the work that MwAPATA did previously on COVID19 study, stating "your work is worth support and we hope to do more work together on policy and evidence" 

Joining the Vice President from AGRA were Chris Chibwana, Head of HAPA at AGRA; Paul Thangata, Senior HAPA Officer; and Daniel Njiwa, Head of Regional Food Trade Program.

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