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MwAPATA visits LUANAR Vice Chancellor


Attendees gather after the meeting, from left: Prof. Richard Mkandiwire (Board Chair-MwAPATA); Dr. Samson P. Katengeza (Dir. of Research & Outreach-LUANAR), Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda (Vice Chancellor-LUANAR), Mr. William Chadza (Executive Director-MwAPATA), Dr. William Burke (Acting Research Director-MwAPATA), Dr. Milu Muyanga (Partnership Coordinator-MwAPATA)

A delegation from the MwAPATA Institute was honored to visit the Vice Chancellor of LUANAR, Professor Emmanuel Kaunda. Also present from LUANAR were the University Registrar and the Director of Research and Outreach.

The parties discussed the ongoing and future collaboration between the University and the Institute in both broad and specific terms. Currently the organizations are working together on several studies relating to land issues, farmer commercialization and domestic animal feed production.


A Roundtable on Key Drivers of the Fertilizer Price Surge and Policy Options
Thursday, September 16th, 2021 || 5:00 - 7:00 pm CAT || Sunbird Capital, Lilongwe 

The MwAPATA Institute and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a roundtable to initiate a conversation around the drivers of the fertilizer price surge and key policy options. About 70 people joined physically with nearly as many joining via Zoom.

Present were key government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance,  Ministry of Trade; Members of Parliament from 4 committees of Agriculture, Trade, Natural Resources as well as Budget and Finance.  Development partners were also in attendance, as well as international and local NGO's, Civil Society Organizations, Academia and others. 

Key issues from the discussion included:

  • Fertilizer price increases are driven by global market, with rising food prices as a key root cause. In turn, food prices are related to the recovery in some parts from Covid-19, production shortages in key global regions, and rising fuel and transportation costs.

  • The upsurge in fertilizer prices hinders Malawi's ability to achieve the national food security. There is going to be a serious food security crisis next year if we do not act today.

  •



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The Inorganic Fertilizer Price Surge in 2021: Key Drivers and Policy Options


Dr. Christone Nyondo, Research Fellow, MwAPATA Institute

Why are fertilizer prices in Malawi high? and What can be done?

Dr. Jan Duchoslav, Research Fellow, IFPRI -Malawi


  • Mr. Giannakis, Chairperson - Fertilizer Association of Malawi

  • Mr. Jacob Nyirongo, Chief Executive Officer - Farmers Union of Malawi

  • Hon. Gladys Ganda, Chairperson - Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament

  • Hon. Rhino Chiphiko, General Manager - ADMARC

  • Mr. Levi Chirwa, Director of Budgets - Ministry of Finance

The panel discussion revolved around how fertilizer prices surge can be addressed to avoid longterm negative effects.  The members brought in their experiences and expertise depending on the institutions /bodies that they represented.​

If Not Tobacco, Then What?
A Roundtable Discussion on Alternatives to Tobacco
Thursday, May 20th, 2021  ||  5pm to 7pm (CAT)   


Left to Right: Dr. Rodwell Mzonde - Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Ronald Ngwira - PYXUS Agriculture Limited, Dr. Betty Chinyamunyamu - NASFAM, Mr. Boyden Ndhlovu - Kampala Estate

MwAPATA Institute organised a roundtable discussion  to answer the question, If not Tobacco, Then What?  This discussion came barely few weeks after the State President of Malawi, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera told Malawians to begin to find alternatives to Tobacco which is around the world declining sharply.  

The discussion had two presentations generated from a study that MwAPATA Institute has undertaken on "Alternatives to Tobacco" which was presented by Dr. Makaiko Khonje, a Research Fellow at MwAPATA Institute.  To concretize the discussion was a presentation by Prof. Blessings Chinsinga of APRA when he presented on "Analyzing Pathways to inclusive commercialization"

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Daily Times,

24 May 2021


Taonga Sabola


Nation Publications Ltd

25 May 2021


Dumbani Mzale


Nyasa Times

22 May 2021


Watipaso Mzungu

A four member Panel discussion followed where experiences were shared by a Farmer, Mr. Boyden Ndhlovu of Kampala estate.  He is doing Tobacco Farming but has now started to diversify to other crops like groundnuts and now he is beginning to do bee keeping.  Dr. Betty Chinyamunyamu, the Chief Executive Officer of National Smallholder Farmers Association also shared challenges and opportunities that are available in exporting other crops.  While Mr. Ronald Ngwira, the Managing Director of PYXUS Agriculture Limited shared more on their work in groundnuts production which is another better alternative to Tobacco.  Dr. Rodwell Mzonde who is the Director of Planning in the Ministry of Agriculture provide the policy options available. 

The guest of honor at this event was Dr. Alexander Bulirani who is the Director of Technical Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and an Advisory Board Member for MwAPATA.

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MwAPATA and CISANET agree on Policy Transformation
Wednesday, April 14th, 2021  ||  9am to 10am (CAT)   


MwAPATA ED, Mr. William Chadza & CISANET National Director, Mrs. Pamela Kuwali

MwAPATA Institute and the Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) on Wednesday, 14th April 2021, officially signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a commitment gesture to work together in promoting agriculture policy for transformation. Together, the two institutions will be collaborating on agriculture policy research, advocacy, and stakeholders’ mobilization to build consensus on policy issues and needed reforms for agricultural transformation in Malawi.  The MoU was signed by Mr. William Chadza, Acting Executive Director for MwAPATA Institute and Mrs. Pamela Kuwali, National Director for CISANET. Find More details from the links on the left.

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Nation Newspaper 16.04.2021.jpeg

Daily Times,

15 April 2021


Audrey Kapalamula

Nation Publications Ltd

16 April 2021


Steve Chilundu

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Capital FM Radio

15 April, 2021


John Namalenga Jnr.

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Nyasa Times 

16 April 2021


Watipaso Mzungu 

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Atlas Newspaper

14 April 2021


Chimwemwe Njoloma


MwAPATA Interfaces the Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture, Natural Resources & Trade and Industry
Tuesday, March 23rd , 2021


From left: Mr. William Chadza (ED MwAPATA), Hon. Werani Chilenga (Chairperson - Natural Resources Committee) & Hon. Ulemu Chilapondwa (Vice Chairperson - Agriculture Committee) 

MwAPATA hosted a meeting between members of three Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Trade with an objective of encouraging members of parliament t rely on MwAPATA as a resource for developing evidence-driven policies to catalyze agriculture transformation. 

Among others, key issues from the meeting included:

  • Political will remains a crucially missing ingredient to jumpstarting and sustaining a transformation process.

  • MwAPATA pledged to provide parliamentarians with empirical evidence to elevate the quality of parliamentary debates and provide critical reviews of analyses done by the ministries themselves.

  • The committee members requested that MwAPATA regularly produce analyses of the state of agricultural transformation and to facilitate their agricultural sector oversight roles.

  • The committees proposed MwAPATA to develop a memorandum of understanding with clear terms of reference to govern the working relationship between MwAPATA and the committees.

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MwAPATA Institute urge Malawi parliament to address policy gaps for Agriculture Production, Productivity

By Watipaso Mzungu, Nyasa Times

24 March 2021

The Malawi Agriculture Policy Advancement Transformation Agenda (MwAPATA Institute) has challenged that unless Malawi addresses challenges that affect agricultural production and productivity, the country will face teething hitches to transform its economy.  Read more

Revitalize agriculture sector, institute urges

By Mathews Kasanda, Times Newspaper

25 March 2021

Independent policy think tank, MwAPATA Institute says the country's agriculture sector continues facing myriad challenges which require fresh policy direction to address. It says a rejig of agriculture supply chains could help the sector regain its charm to remain afloat as Malawi economic backbone Read more

On Television

Rainbow TV News Report, by Leah Malekano, 24th March 2021


"MwAPATA's research work worth supporting" says AGRA's Vice President
Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Photos of AGRA visit to MwAPATA

The AGRA Vice President Dr. Apollos Nwafor emphasizes the importance of supporting MwAPATA's research work.  He said this during an official visit to MwAPATA where the teams discussed the intention AGRA and MwAPATA working together on analysis and evidence building. 
During the discussion, the two institutions expounded more on their relationship revolving around AGRAs Hub for Agriculture Policy Action (HAPA).  HAPA responds to government requests that come through Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade. MwAPATA research will improve the responses to these requests.

In his remarks, MwAPATA Institute's Board Chairperson, Prof. Richard Mkandawire,

said the existence of MwAPATA Institute in Malawi  is anchored on a set of core values, beliefs and principles of professionalism, relevance, independence, mutual respect and excellence. He added MwAPATA's partnership with AGRA would revolve around these values.


Dr. Nwafor said they were impressed with the work that MwAPATA did previously on COVID19 study, stating "your work is worth support and we hope to do more work together on policy and evidence" 

Joining the Vice President from AGRA were Chris Chibwana, Head of HAPA at AGRA; Paul Thangata, Senior HAPA Officer; and Daniel Njiwa, Head of Regional Food Trade Program.


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Smallholder Farmers Need Solutions - Minister

By Chimwemwe Njoloma, Malawi News Agency

15 January 2021

Smallholder Farming Future Bleak - Experts

By Dumbani Mzale, The Nation: 

15 January 2021

Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe has asked Policymakers to pursue policies and strategies that will help to address challenges the agriculture sector is facing and help develop resilience.  Read more...

Agriculture Experts have called for a rethink of the country's policy on smallholder farming to make it viable to boost socio-economic development, warning the future of smallholder farming is bleak.  Read more...

Lowe says low productivity blocking farmers’ participation in markets

By Martha Chikoti, Malawi24

15 February 2021

Experts Discuss Future of Smallholder Farmers

By Taonga Sabola, Times Newspaper

12 February 2021

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe says smallholder farmers fail to participate in markets, agro-processing and value addition as they do not harvest enough produce. Read More...

Agriculture experts Thursday banged heads on the future of smallholder farmers in the country during a virtual Policy Research Seminar which MwAPATA Institute and National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi (NASFAM) organized. Read More...

Lowe says Agricultural Transformation Strategy in Malawi Facing Challenges

By Watipaso Mzungu, Nyasa Times

12th February 2021

The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Lobin Lowe, has admitted that the viability of the smallholder-led agricultural strategy in Malawi is facing several challenges.  Lowe cited low productivity, dependence on rain-fed production systems with only one growing season, and limited use of irrigation as some of the impediments. Read More...

Stakeholders Strategize on Future of Smallholder Farming in Malawi

By Aston Gondwe, MBC

Friday, 12th February 2021

Stakeholders to a solution focused policy virtual seminar have come up with 24 resolutions aimed at redefining the future of smallholder farming in Malawi.

Party to them are issues of promoting irrigation agriculture, value addition, agricultural investment, and domestic industry growth.  Read More...

The Future of Smallholder Farming in Malawi Policy Research Seminar 
 Thursday, February 11, 2021


Hon. Lobin Lowe, Minister of Agriculture officially opened the Policy Research Seminar on "The Future of Smallholder Farming in Malawi".  The virtual seminar brought together over 100 policy and decision makers and stakeholders involved in formulation and implementation of policies targeted at transforming the smallholder sub-sector. These included Technicians in the Agriculture Sector, Academicians, Researchers, Development partners, International NGOs, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), among many others. Read More... 

Hon. Lobin Lowe, Minister of Agriculture

Guest of Honor

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