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The MwAPATA Institute’s outreach entails informing public and private sector stakeholders about promising policy and investment opportunities to promote rural incomes and food security in Malawi. The relevant empirical information provided by the Institute will form a basis for meaningful discussions and interactions among researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Consequently, such discussions will be based on reliable evidence-based policy recommendations, which will inform and guide investment opportunities and lead to economic growth. Our work is shared to the public and private sector stakeholders through several platforms, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, breakfast forums for policy makers, and more.

The Eminent Speaker Series is another platform that has been created to increase the Institute’s outreach work. The series is aimed

at promoting a positive mindset on Malawi’s development possibilities as it welcomes speakers from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds seeking to impact and transform Malawi’s development landscape.  These events are presented in collaboration with the Institute’s key partners, the National Planning Commission and the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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