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Challenges and Opportunities for Small Scale Aquaculture Development in Malawi

February 7, 2022

This report presents key findings on the landscape of small-scale aquaculture in Malawi and the challenges faced by fish farmers. This report characterizes small-scale fish farmers, evaluates the profitability of fish farming, and identifies key challenges faced by those who depend on fish for their livelihoods. The evidence outlined here comes from a survey of 732 farms, both individually  and communally owned farms , conducted in June-July 2021 in 10 districts in Malawi.


Policy Briefs


Economic Viability of Small-Scale Aquaculture in Malawi

April 13, 2022

Small-scale aquaculture in Malawi is profitable, despite the challenges faced by fish farmers. There is potential to further profitabilty by improving the feed and fingerling production, identifying lower cost alternative feeds (such as insects), and investing in aquaculture extension.


Characteristics of the Small-Scale Aquaculture Sector in Malawi

March 31, 2022

We describe the small-scale aquaculture sector in Malawi using  updated comprehensive data  from a survey of fish farms across the country. The brief presents an overview of fish farm and farmer characteristics, farm management, input usage, production ,and marketing in the country.


Opportunities for Small-Scale Aquaculture in Malawi

March 10, 2022

Small-scale aquaculture could contribute to improving rural livelihoods, but fish farmers are impeded by poor access to inputs like feed and fingerlings, and output markets. Promising areas for investment are highlighted in this Brief, based on an extensive new survey conducted in Malawi in 2021.

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Maggie Munthali


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Milu Muyanga

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