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Publications & Resources

MwAPATA's three main publication lines offer distinct options to meet the reader's needs


Working Papers offer

original, internally reviewed papers in a longer format for readers interested in taking a "deep dive" into an issue and how it was researched. 

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Policy Briefs offer 

quickly accessible highlights and key messages on important policy topics, with the essential background information. These are often linked to a Working Paper


Policy Perspectives are commentaries 

submitted by experts in their fields to discuss salient policy issues. These can be by invitation and submissions will also be considered


In addition to our own publications, we offer the following resources


Peer Reviewed


Our goal is to produce world-class, rigorous research. This is best demonstrated by  publishing articles and chapters in top rated peer-reviewed journals and books.

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We know research sitting on a shelf never makes a difference. Circulating our findings to stakeholders to provoke informed discussions is one of our biggest priorities.



Improving the quality of agricultural data is a priority for MwAPATA. We will work to collect and share data for key indicators like agricultural production, welfare, food security and more.

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