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Capacity Building Seminars

Building the capacity of researchers is a core component of the MwAPATA mission. This page provides materials from seminars hosted by the Institute, given by experienced researchers covering a wide range of subjects. 

Writing Working Papers and Journal Articles

November 24, 2020




Professor Jacob Ricker-Gilbert has published dozens of working papers and journal articles with thousands of citations, and he is on the editorial boards of several major journals. In this seminar he shares his insights on what makes up a successful working paper or journal article. The presentation is followed by a Q&A with MwAPATA and LUANAR researchers. Click the red PDF icon to download his presentation.

Extra material

Hoffmann, V., and K.M. Gatobu, K. M. (2014). “Growing their own: Unobservable quality and the value of self-provisioning.” Journal of Development Economics, 106: 168-178.

Mason, N.M., T.S. Jayne, and R. J. Myers (2015). “Smallholder Supply Response to Marketing Board Activities in a Dual Channel Marketing System: The Case of Zambia.” Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66: 36-65.

Omotilewa, O., J. Ricker-Gilbert, J.H. Ainembambazi, and G. Shively. (2018). "Does improved storage technology promote modern input use and food security? Evidence from a randomized trial in Uganda.” Journal of Development Economics, 135: 176-198.

Prieto, S., J. Ricker-Gilbert, J. Bauchet, and M. Sall. 2021. “Incomplete information and product quality in rural markets: Evidence from an experimental auction for maize in Senegal.” (Forthcoming) Economic Development and Cultural Change.

Ricker-Gilbert, J., J. Chamberlin, J. Kanyamuka, C.B. Jumbe, R. Lunduka and S. Kaiyatsa. (2019). “How do Informal Farmland Rental Markets Affect Smallholders’ Well-being? Evidence from a Matched Tenant-Landlord Survey in Malawi.” Agricultural Economics, 50(5): 595-613.


Ricker-Gilbert, J., and J. Chamberlin. (2018) “Transactions Costs in Land Rental Markets and Their Impact on Youth Access to Agriculture in Tanzania.” Land Economics, 94(4): 541-555. 

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