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Capacity Building Seminars

Building the capacity of researchers is a core component of the MwAPATA mission. This page provides materials from seminars hosted by the Institute, given by experienced researchers covering a wide range of subjects. 

Randomized Control Trials in Malawi

March 18, 2021




Tabitha Nindi discusses using Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) to measure intervention impacts in a developing country context. She builds on an example of a study she led in Malawi on the introduction of PICS bags for legume storage. The presentation is followed by a Q&A with MwAPATA . Click the red PDF icon to download her presentation.

Extra material

The presentation discusses some of the many benefits of the RCT approach to measuring impacts. There are also drawbacks, or caveats. These are also acknowledged in the presentation, but I thought it would be useful to also provide these references. -WJB

Barrett, C.B. and Carter, M.R., 2020. Finding our balance? Revisiting the randomization revolution in development economics ten years further on. World Development, 127, p.104789.  (Download the authors' version here)

Barrett, C.B. and Carter, M.R., 2010. The power and pitfalls of experiments in development economics: Some non-random reflectionsApplied economic perspectives and policy, 32(4), pp.515-548. (Download the authors' version here)

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