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Past Events

Administrator Power hosts a Food Security Roundtable Discussion with MwAPATA and Other Partners
Date: Saturday 2nd, July 2022 || Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm (CAT) ||
Venue: MwAPATA Institute Offices, Lilongwe, Malawi

Administrator Power and Ambassador Young hosted a food security and resilience roundtable discussion at MwAPATA Institute on July 2, 2022. The roundtable discussed chronic and acute food insecurity, as well as the impacts of recent economic challenges due to rising global prices, and major actions to address the food-security crisis.

The meeting included six roundtable participants, five USAID/Malawi Mission attendees, and seven delegates that accompanied Administrator Power. The roundtable was facilitated by Maurice Shines, Deputy Office Director for USAID/Malawi’s Office of Sustainable Economic Growth. The meeting was very engaging and Administrator Power and Ambassador Young raised various topical issues.
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