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Transforming Malawian Agriculture Through Mega-Farms
Roundtable Discussion

Date: Wednesday, 10th August 2022 || Time: 8:00am -12:30pm (CAT) ||
Venue: Sunbird Capital, Lilongwe, Malawi

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Agriculture is the cornerstone of Malawi’s economy, contributing about 23% to the GDP,  85% to foreign export earnings, and the main employer of the labor force (Malawi Government, 2022). Despite being pivotal to the economy, the sector has been facing numerous challenges.  Through the MW2063, Malawi government has envisioned shifting away from low productivity and subsistence-oriented agriculture to a more commercialized manufacturing-linked agricultural system.  Mega Farms is one of the strategies being employed.

MwAPATA Institute, in partnership with the National Planning Commission, Farmers Union of Malawi, and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, organized a Roundtable discussion to initiate a conversation around the transforming Malawian agriculture through Megafarms, Read More.

Event Video Highlight


      By Mr. Martin Kausi,

      Deputy Director of Crop Development, Ministry of Agriculture

       By Dr. Anderson Gondwe,

       Research Fellow, MwAPATA Institute


Event in Pictures

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All Videos

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  • Mr. Taziona Chaponda, Managing Director, Malawi Agricultural and Industrial Investment Corporation (MAIIC)

  • Mr. Christopher Beya, Chief Executive Officer,  Press Agriculture Limited

  • Mr. Eric Chidzungu, Chief Executive Officer, Greenbelt Authority

  • Mr. Ronald Ngwira, Managing Director,       Pyxus Agriculture Limited

  • Mr. Kristian Moller, Chief Executive Officer, Agriculture Commodity Exchange for Africa

  • Mrs. Iness Malemia, Commercial Farmer, Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM)

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