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Past Events

MwAPATA Conducts a Working Session with Members of Parliament
Wednesday, 1st December 2021

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The MwAPATA Institute is in the process of building a coalition of strategic local public and private partners in Malawi to generate consensus on needed policy actions and driving implementation.  Based on this, MwAPATA hosted a meeting with the leadership of three Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Trade and their committee clerks to a working session.

MwAPATA had previously met with the three committees in March 2021, and agreed on formalizing the working relationship between the Institute and the Parliamentary committees. MwAPATA was encouraged to support the parliamentary committees with empirical evidence in order to elevate the quality of parliamentary debates and enable informed policy oversight. 

Wednesday's meeting aimed at reviewing the draft framework of the Memorandum of Understanding which will later be finalized by working hand in hand with Clerks from each of the committees.

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