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Past Events

A Roundtable on:
Key Drivers of the Fertilizer Price Surge and Policy Options

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 || 5:00 - 7:00 pm CAT || Sunbird Capital, Lilongwe 

The MwAPATA Institute and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a roundtable to initiate a conversation around the drivers of the fertilizer price surge and key policy options. About 70 people joined physically with nearly as many joining via Zoom.

Present were key government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance,  Ministry of Trade; Members of Parliament from four committees of Agriculture, Trade, Natural Resources as well as Budget and Finance.  Development partners were also in attendance, as well as international and local NGO's, Civil Society Organizations, Academia and others. 

Key issues from the discussion included:

  • Fertilizer price increases are driven by global market, with rising food prices as a key root cause. In turn, food prices are related to the recovery in some parts from Covid-19, production shortages in key global regions, and rising fuel and transportation costs.

  • The upsurge in fertilizer prices hinders Malawi's ability to achieve the national food security. There is going to be a serious food security crisis next year if we do not act today.

  •




The Inorganic Fertilizer Price Surge in 2021: Key Drivers and Policy Options


Dr. Christone Nyondo, Research Fellow, MwAPATA Institute

Jan Duchoslav.png


Why are fertilizer prices in Malawi high? and What can be done?

Dr. Jan Duchoslav, Research Fellow, IFPRI -Malawi

  • Mr. Giannakis, Chairperson - Fertilizer Association of Malawi

  • Mr. Jacob Nyirongo, Chief Executive Officer - Farmers Union of Malawi

  • Hon. Gladys Ganda, Chairperson - Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament

  • Hon. Rhino Chiphiko, General Manager - ADMARC

  • Mr. Levi Chirwa, Director of Budgets - Ministry of Finance

The panel discussion revolved around how fertilizer prices surge can be addressed to avoid longterm negative effects.  The members brought in their experiences and expertise depending on the institutions /bodies that they represented.​


Event in Pictures

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