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How Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Will Affect the Food Security Situation in Malawi: Implications for Malawian Policy Response

First release: March 30, 2022

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is very likely to have an impact on Malawi that could be detrimental, but steps can be taken now to soften the effects. Fuel, food, and fertilizer prices can all be expected to continue rising dramatically in the coming months. These effects threaten Malawian livelihoods and the feasibility of major government policies, such as the Agricultural Inputs Program. However, the situation also presents opportunities to pivot policies towards promoting crop diversification. While swift action may be rewarding, delays could result in substantial economic harm.


Sunflower head

More than half of the global production of sunflower oil occurs in parts of Europe currently at war.

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William Chadza


William J. Burke


Thom S. Jayne


Milu Muyanga

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