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Please share your perspective! 

If you are an expert in your field and you have a Policy Perspective ("perspective") you want to share, start by filling in the proposal form below. Please note, these contributions are expected to reflect your thoughts and opinions based on your unique knowledge and experience. This is not an outlet for new research findings. In your submission, be sure to describe: 

  • The topic you want to discuss;

  • Why it is relevant to ongoing policy making in Malawi; and

  • The main argument you intend to put forth.

After reviewing your proposal, you may be invited to submit a full perspective. If you are invited, your first draft (3,000 words or less) will be expected within 2 weeks, after which a final decision will be made. Invitations are not a guarantee that your perspective will be published by MwAPATA.

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Policy Perspective proposal form

To get started, let us know who you are:

Tell us a little about what you want to say:

Briefly describe your Perspective (300 word max):

Thank you for submitting!

We will be in touch shortly.

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