Agricultural Transformation in Malawi: A Call to Action

First release: July 7, 2020


Ronald Mangani, Thom S. Jayne, Peter Hazell, Milu Muyanga, Sloans Chimatiro, William J. Burke & Michael Johnson

This paper explains why national policy interventions that catalyze and sustain high levels of agricultural productivity in Malawi are urgently needed. The paper also highlights the policy interventions that Malawi could adopt in order to achieve economic development. Finally, the paper addresses the more difficult question of how the necessary transformation may be brought about. It makes the case for assembling a “coalition of the willing” to champion this change and emphasizes the decisive role of the State in determining whether and how this coalition can succeed.

Industry, services and agriculture are all essential.


Ronald Mangani

Thom S. Jayne

Peter Hazell

Milu Muyanga

Sloans Chimatiro

William J. Burke

Michael Johnson