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The Potential for Mega-Farms to Transform Malawian Agriculture

First release: August 30, 2022

Mega farms have the potential to transform Malawian agriculture. While the establishment of new mega-farms is supported, strengthening existing large farms by enhancing their human resource capacity, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and addressing other issues that limit productivity will generate quick wins. It is also important for Government to put in place deliberate policies that will promote meaningful interaction between mega-farms and surrounding smallholder farmers and communities. The management and governance of the mega-farms should be private sector-led, with Government providing supporting infrastructure and conducive marketing and trade policies. Furthermore, the choice of the focus crops or livestock on the mega-farms should be consistent with suitable climatic, soil, and other ecological factors.

Tea Estate in Thyolo District Malawi.jpg

Tea Estate in Thyolo District found in Shire Highlands of Southern, Malawi. 

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Anderson Gondwe


Bonface Nankwenya


Milu Muyanga

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