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Capacity Building Seminars

Building the capacity of researchers is a core component of the MwAPATA mission. This page provides materials from seminars hosted by the Institute, given by experienced researchers covering a wide range of subjects. 

Questionnaire Design for Surveys

April 28, 2021




Dr. William Burke has participated in the design and implementation of numerous surveys in Southern Africa and around the world, and previously taught survey design at Stanford University. In this one-hour seminar he touches on some of the major considerations that should go into planning a survey and highlights some common mistakes designers make when writing questions.

Supplementary Material

This document, prepared by Chris Wolf (Michigan State University), offers some timelessly useful insights on data (and thus questionnaire) design. It is referenced on slide 4.

Salant & Dillman discusses common mistakes when writing survey questions. Appendix 6A is particularly valuable. Please email me to request use of my copy.

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